20" Calcium Filter

20" Calcium Filter
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Hard water can be defined as water that has high mineral values, mainly charged dissolved magnesium and calcium carbonate (temporary hardness). Our media is a catalyst media which transforms the dissolved magnesium and calcium carbonate into non-charged neutral chemical bonds (calcite crystals). When the crystals reach size in the range of a nanometer they detach from the polymer pieces and are rinsed away by the water flow. The crystals are heat resistant and do not change back to the dissolved state.These systems are designed to specifically address hard water problems with no salt or other regenerants, no backwash and no electricity period!We spent months and months researching the best in calcium filtration technology the end result was a filter that not only lasts 1 - 2 years depending on the usage but a filter that doesn't try to eliminate calcium only coat it and cause it not to crystalize. Now combined with our ruby nozzles and sediment filters you have the most maintenance free misting system in the world. Results will vary but a typical water quality such as that in central Florida should expect a 5% clog ratio every 6 - 12 months. Our combination is of course aside from doing full reverse osmosis which adds hundreds and even thousands to the cost while wasting twice the water that you utilize and adding thousands to the pump as it has to be made fully of stainless steel components.


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